Sister 2 School Program

The Pilarinas Sisters in Maputo, Mozambique, care for 44 girls from 6 to 17 years old who are either orphans or from very poor families.

Working closely with the Somascan Fathers, the Sisters provide accommodation, schooling up to secondary education, and extracurricular training in various areas such as: Cooking, sewing, english, computers and manual work.

$50 per Month covers school supplies, school enrollment, school uniforms, food, cleaning and
hygiene items, handicrafts and sewing, clothing and electricity.

100% of sponsorship goes directly to the Pilarinas Sisters for the support of the girls in their care.

* Donations are currently tax deductable.

About the Pilarinas Sisters

The Pilarinas Sisters (Missionary Work of Jesus and Mary), were founded in Spain by Blessed Maria Pilar Izquierdo.

In 1998, the Sisters came to the Parish of Our Lady of the Rosary of Laulane at the invitation of Father Vicente Berenguer.

They opened their Home in November 2001 and have been supporting girls since January 2002.